We “interview” prospective clients with a detailed audit, asking specific questions that let us know we’ll be a good fit. Do this and avoid unnecessary headaches.

25. Client Audits and What We Look For
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If you ever wondered how our audit process works and what we do when we bring on new clients and what we look for, today’s episode is perfect for you. Not only are businesses qualifying us, but we also qualify them just as much when we are doing an audit. We want to let the client know what we are looking for, and this also may be helpful if any agency owners are listening to learn how to qualify your clients that you are taking on.

For us, it is always exciting talking to new businesses, getting to know other brands and helping them in their process. That is why when we are doing an audit for a prospective new client, our conversation will be related to their ads, product, customers, website and even questions that will help us catch agency hoppers in the act.

  • How much do you spend in 30 days on Facebook?
  • Do you have an agency running your ads right now? What is your ad situation?
  • What is your product? What is your AOV?
  • What is your returning customer rate? – Retargeting will be hard if you are driving cold traffic.
  • What is your free shipping threshold?
  • What is a realistic return on ad spend that you need to be at to earn money.
  • What are your margins? – You would be surprised at the amount of people that do not even know what their margins are!
  • How are your ads structured in Facebook? From the nomenclature to your audiences, creatives and more.
  • How does your website look like? What is your page’s load speed? – Nowadays we live in an impatient world, so it must load super quick, plus mobile optimization in key in your success.
  • Truth is, if we go into an account and we see that their current agency is doing an impressive job and the client is frustrated, we are most likely going to say no, because if you’re not happy with them, you’re not going to be happy with us.

A discovery call is fundamental in our process, from then we happily give clients a nice layout of everything, what we do, why we do it, if we think their brands and their ads will be successful and if we can get them to the next level. Growth plan included as well! Awesome, right?

We are good at what we do, and we are looking to get clients reliable and satisfactory results and we’ll let them know if we feel like we can do that based on their account and on how we get along. We are respectful and we expect to be respected in return, which is why we build good partnerships.

Check out this episode to find out why do we go through each of these questions and how they help us determine if a potential client can be a great fit for us.


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