Sometimes clients ask us to do things we think are huge mistakes, these are the top four fatal errors we see, and how you can avoid them.

24. Fatal Mistakes Clients Ask Agencies to Make
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We’re talking about this today because we’ve got tons of experience with these types of situations, these scenarios. And we’re not going to get walked all over, we’re not going to get blamed for things that are not our fault. This episode is about being respected. If you disrespect high performers, they can get upset because they work hard to be the best at what they do. And that’s how we are as an agency. We pride ourselves in being absolutely the best at it. And so when a client comes to us and they’re used to working with like a smaller agency that would do whatever they said, and we command a higher level of respect because of the work we’re doing, sometimes they’re not used to it.

But that’s really what we expect is respect from our clients. And we give the same respect in return. We’re totally open to as much feedback as you want to give, but when a client says, “You guys aren’t doing your job, you guys aren’t getting the results that I think you should be getting.”

Then it goes down this rabbit hole of personal opinions and we’ve skewed away from the actual data, right? Like we need and use data to make good decisions. And we’re making decisions based on the data that’s coming in. And sometimes clients don’t understand this and ask us to do things that aren’t in their best interest.

In this episode, we are going to cover the four most common mistakes we are asked to make, and how we have created systems and ways of communicating with our clients, so we avoid these situations.

These are:

  • Increasing ad spend too quickly. Extremely risky and usually results in big losses.
  • Resetting the learning, sometimes it works, but often it dive bombs the account.
  • Only caring about cold traffic.
  • Blaming the ads when it’s not the fault of the ads or our responsibility. There are many factors at play, including conversion rates, sales team effectiveness, company operations and culture, and many more.

Check out this episode to learn more as we go through all the details and explain our strategies to avoid these hot messes.


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