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Just like so many other business owners, I was lost on who to trust to do my Facebook ads.  I had a great product to sell, but in a sea of Facebook and social media “guru’s”, it’s hard to know who to trust with your money and time.  A friend referred Spotlight Social Media to me, and after a year of working with the team, I can say it’s been fantastic.
SSM have delivered profitable FB ad campaigns from day one, and this has allowed me to grow and scale at a rate much greater than I had expected.

Spotlight Social Media has become my ‘secret weapon’ when it comes to driving quality traffic to my landing page and converting.

I highly recommend SSM to anyone who is serious about taking their business to the next level, while being backed by a professional, business and results driven advertising agency.

Matthew Fraser

Founder – Global Media Device Co.

I was tired of fumbling around in the dark with my social media ads. The ad manager interfaces online were so complex, and seemed to change all the time so that I couldn’t get my bearings on how to effectively use them. I had no idea what my return on ad spend was, or if I was even making any returns on my ad spend. As my business grew, I knew that help was needed. Enter Spotlight Social Media Marketing. Jason was able to walk me through getting Spotlight Social integrated in all the correct ways for them to manage my ads in Facebook and Instagram in just a few short minutes. Then I sat back and watched the magic. Jason was able to do more in the first 7 minutes in my account than I was able to figure out in over a year of work! Talk about shining a light in the darkness! I was totally relieved. He showed me exactly how to measure my return on ad spend and I watched it climb as he sophisticatedly and systematically set up campaigns, targeted the correct markets and demographics for my business, and set up retargeting campaigns to collect sales. He set up cold marketing pools, warm market pools, and other ideas that I never would have been able to handle or figure out on my own. Within days of working with Spotlight Social Media Consulting, I had other companies contacting me asking what I’m doing that makes my ads look so great. They just figured I was a web and marketing expert of some kind! No more guessing about whether or not my advertising dollars are working for me! I KNOW they are working for me and couldn’t be happier with the service. It’s been a major blessing for me and my company working with Spotlight Social.

Kyle Brotherson

The DirtBike Channel

Wanted to send over Spotlight a thank you for what you and your team does for my online business, also for my clients.  #1, the Service, is outstanding.  Anytime we’ve had any challenges, anything that comes up with our advertising, you and your team have always been there and on top of things.  You’ve always been willing to take that extra mile and the time to help whenever we’re having challenges with our ads and also, having really high converting ads, something that I was never able, on my own, to master and even when I tried to it seemed like a moving target and I love and appreciate that you and your team have this dialed in for me and I don’t have to sweat it.  If you’re a doc and you’re watching this right now, don’t even think about it, contact Jason, contact his team and just have a chat with them about how you can fill your live events, about how you can fill your dinner workshops, and your lunch and learns, about how you can fill your practice and help more people to really experience the light of chiropractic

Dr. Ed Osburn

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With Over 2 Billion Users Facebook | Instagram is the Place to Be & We Are The Experts to Help You Grow

Our  goal is to simplify the process of growing your business with Paid advertising on Facebook & Instagram.

It can seem overwhelming, but we’ve got you.  We have a history in helping business starting from nothing and growing them to levels faster than they thought possible.

We love the dumbfounded messages from happy clients telling us:  Thank You!  I never could have done this on my own.

We want to help you as well, and we want to take the worry and anxiety of constantly staying up to speed on best practices off your shoulders.  We are here for you and looking forward to working together!

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