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After healing her own health issues with a nutritional system she developed herself, Institute of Transformational Nutrition (ITN) founder Cynthia Pasquella-Garcia created a program to teach health coaches about it. Once coaches learn the Transformational Nutrition Method they can go on to create personalized protocols for their clients. The program combines science, psychology and spirituality.

  • $144,913 revenue attributable to Facebook ads

  • 4.3X increase in webinar attendees

  • 91X return on ad spend

Proving Performance

ITN had promoted its course on its Facebook Page in the past, but had never run paid ads. To increase enrollment in its course, the company partnered with Spotlight Social Media Consulting to create a campaign made of a series of ads that kept building on the previous one’s message.

Health coach quiz
For the first part of the campaign, the team created a photo ad, which it showed to people who followed the ITN Facebook or Instagram Page, listened to its podcast or had visited its website. The photo showed bowls of fruit and scattered nuts and seeds and included the message: “Discover what kind of a health coach candidate you are.” A “Learn More” button took the viewers to a quiz on the ITN website.

Live webinar
The team then showed ads for a free live webinar about ITN’s coaching program to the people who filled out the quiz. The ad for this phase featured a photo of the founder and another coach with the message, “Take the first step toward your dream job now.” Viewers who clicked on “Sign Up” were taken to a webinar signup page on the ITN website.

Webinar replay
During the 5 days following the live webinar, the ITN and Spotlight team continued to reach out to people who registered for the webinar but did not attend. The ad used the same image as the live webinar ad, but with the message: “Weren’t able to make my live webinar? There’s a replay.”

Full coaching program
People who watched the live webinar and the recorded replay then saw new ads that featured the same image as the webinar ads but with the message: “We noticed you’re still on the fence…” A “Learn More” button sent viewers to a page on the ITN website, where they could purchase the $5,000 package.

Health Coach Quiz
Live Webinar
Webinar Replay
Full Coaching Program


By moving from unpaid posts to paid ads, ITN dramatically increased the number of people who signed up for and attended its webinars (from 30 to 130), as well as the number of people who went on to sign up for the full coaching package. The results of the 4-part campaign, which ran from September 18–October 5, 2018, were:

  • 4.3X increase in webinar attendees
  • $144,913 total revenue attributable to Facebook ads
  • 91X return on ad spend

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View Case Study On Facebook

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