Have You Been Thinking About Managing Your Ads “In-House?” You Might Want To Reconsider.

Why you might think twice about bringing your ads management in-house
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We don’t charge our clients because we want their money. We charge because we’re worth it and we’ll grow their business. Yep. That’s it.

Today, we’re going to share some stories about those who thought they could bring their ads management “in-house” and why that doesn’t always work out so well.

One cool thing to think about is that we have so many accounts that we can compare your account to and use strategies from other accounts, you get someone in the house they’re looking at your account only. They’re not seeing this going on in 10 accounts today.

And we brainstorm as a team once a week. These ads managers stay fresh. They stay, you know, thinking about the ad account in different ways, not just being tunnel vision.

If anyone’s struggling with the Apple update out there. We have a resource for you go to our website, a download on everything you need to do for the checklist.

Apple has pushed the release of the iOS 14 Facebook update another two months, so, we have a little bit more time. We’re going to talk about this in another episode, but get the checklist so you can be prepared.

Get the Apple Update Checklist: https://www.spotlightsocialadvertising.com/ios

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