3: Deacon Bradley of Tier 11 was Instrumental in Helping Me Get My Facebook Ad Agency Up and Running

Decon Bradley and Tier 11 was Instrumental in Helping Me Get My Facebook Ads Agency Off the Ground on The Truth About Social Ads podcast
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DB Hey everybody, today I have somebody on the show today that really helped me get my Facebook ad agency off the ground. I’m super grateful for everything that Deacon Bradley did for me and continues to do for me actually, but really, in the beginning, he was an integral part of my agency getting started.

Deacon currently is the VP of Operations at Tier 11 which is a full-service Facebook ad agency that completely kicks @ss. Deacon has been in the Facebook ad agency game for a long time. He was the founder, originally, of his own agency called Funnel Owl, which later merged with Ralph Burns at Tier 11.

Deacon and Ralph and everybody at Tier 11 helped me start my journey and continue my journey in the Facebook ad world as an agency owner. And during this episode, we talk about Deacon’s story and how he happened to be there for the training I attended in Austin which really launched my new career.

And as I worked early on to prove myself Deacon recognized my efforts and was kind enough to throw me a bone, actually a couple of bones. He gave me some of his own clients, one of which I still have today.

You can hear it in our conversation, but we just love helping businesses grow and it frustrates us when they’re not reaching their full potential. we love to bring our talent to the world and to see a business that comes to us who’s struggling with Facebook and Instagram ads, or they are struggling as a business in general, and to just take them from mediocre to just awesome.

It’s the best feeling in the world.

So tune in and listen to what makes guys like us tick, and why we don’t compete in this business. We’re all here to help other businesses grow and if we need to tap into each other’s resources and talents now and then, we will.
Deacon also tips us off about their new podcast, Virtual Business, which couldn’t come at a better time.

If you’re an agency owner or even a business owner that is running Facebook ads, this episode is worth a listen. I need to thank Deacon again for coming on to share his story and for his generosity.

And thank you, listeners, as well, catch you next time!

For more about Tier 11, go to https://tiereleven.com/

And to check out the new podcast, Virtual Business: https://thevirtualbusinesspodcast.com/

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