Are You Wondering if Images or Videos Work Better in Facebook Ads? We Answer This Question with Some Killer Tips!

images or videos for Facebook ads, which works better?
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Today we’re talking about images versus videos with Facebook ads. An interesting topic that we deal with every single day. We hear this question every day, “Do I need videos?”

Yes, you do need videos. We’re going to get into a lot of cool stuff in today’s episode about images versus videos, mainly about videos because there’s a lot you can do wrong.

There’s a lot you can do right too, so we’re here to guide you in the right direction.

Eric’s got a background in video and he’s going to share some really cool stuff about videos. This episode is chock-full of tips we’ve used to grow a number of campaigns and businesses. Here are a number of highlights from the episodes and things we cover:

The Numbers You Need to Watch

  • CTR – Click through rate, are people taking action?
  • Watch Time – How long are they watching?
  • Video Views – How many views are you getting? Is the sound on or off?

Contributing Factors

  • Trust – Are you a trusted brand or business? Are viewers familiar with you and your offer?
  • Niche – Are you focusing on a certain market?
  • How much needs to be explained?
  • Celebrity/Influencers – Are they your competition? Can you tap into them?
  • Offer – Good vs Bad
  • How well thought out is the video?
  • When is it “Overkill” with videos in Facebook ads?

Video Makeup

  • Does the video catch or hook your prospect in the first second?
  • Average watch time is 6 seconds – This means you need to get someone to click in 6 seconds.
  • Best length for your video? It depends, but generally 30 seconds or less.
  • 1000 x 1000 – great size for repurposing.
  • Are there captions? –
  • Is it shot in a house/environment that fits the avatar?
  • How is your audio quality? It needs to be good.
  • Production quality: Tik Tok vs High Production Quality

As you can see, this episode is jam-packed with goodness. If you are running ads or looking to up your ad game, the tips we unpack could do wonders for your campaigns. We know, because they’ve helped us and our clients a ton.

Also, we’re in the trenches every day running ads. If anyone’s struggling with the Apple update out there. We have a resource for you go to our website, a download on everything you need to do for the checklist.

Apple has pushed the release of the iOS 14 Facebook update, so, we have a little bit more time. We’re going to talk about this in another episode, but get the checklist so you can be prepared.

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