We Have Been Using Northbeam.io to Effectively Track Our View-Through Data and Campaigns Following the iOS Update

View-Through Data Lost Due to iOS? Northbeam.io Brings It Back
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Has the Apple iOS update has impacted your ads? Across the board, this has made click tracking much more difficult. Do you want to continue to grow your business but are at a bit of a loss because your analytics are now unreliable? Have no fear, meet Northbeam!

Today Eric talks to Austin Harrison about their solution to your (and our) problems. Northbeam connects with your e-commerce and advertising platforms so your data all lives in one place.

Their metrics are unbelievable. Clear, concise reporting for the executive team. For everyone else: in-depth breakouts by channel, product, and more. And they go beyond last-click attribution to provide a holistic picture of what is fueling your growth. In additional to all of this, they have some killer automated analysis and forecasting.

If you are running ads across a variety of platforms, you need to check Northbeam out. Eric boldly claims that Northbeam’s innovative approach has saved them by providing accurate data they can rely on.

Listen to this great conversation, we are so glad Northbeam is out there for us, a huge game-changer!

All right. Thank you everybody for listening and we’ll talk to you soon.

Also, we’re in the trenches every day running ads. If anyone’s struggling with the Apple update out there, we have a resource for you, a checklist on everything you need to do for the release of the iOS 14 Facebook update.

Northbeam’s website: https://www.northbeam.io/

Get the Apple Update Checklist: https://www.spotlightsocialadvertising.com/ios

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