Do You Offer Additional Agency Services Other Than Your Primary “Zone Of Genius” Offer? We Outline What To Do Here!

Do you offer additional agency services? Here's what to do!
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Do we sell additional “Agency Services?” Sometimes. We focus on Facebook and Instagram ads, that’s what we specialize in, that’s what our superpower is, and that’s what we do the best.

But we always get asked by clients and we get referrals, “Hey, do you build landing pages? Do you do this, or do you do that?” We’ve said “no” to a lot of stuff. But we’ve also, in the last year or so, said “yes” to a lot of additional services.

So, with this episode we, Jason and Eric, give you some guidance and guidelines, things to think about when taking on additional services.

  • How much to charge, and what not to charge?
  • Should you “White Label” your services?
  • Do you give away “freebies?” And when do you mark up software and other tools?
  • Is it okay for a client to hire you, then fire you and take your work to their “in house” team?
  • And much more!
  • We’re letting you learn from our stories and mistakes, because your work, if good, should be valued by your clients. And you should charge accordingly.

Most of us as agency owners have fallen into the trap of saying “yes” to too many things and not charging enough. It’s a dangerous cycle, a vortex that can be tough to get out of sometimes. We’re here to help you avoid some pitfalls, if you’re an agency owner or are starting an agency.

Also, if anyone’s struggling with the Apple update out there. We have a resource for you go to our website, a download on everything you need to do for the checklist.

Apple pushed the release of the iOS 14 Facebook update another two months, so, we have a little bit more time. We’re going to talk about this in another episode, but get the checklist so you can be prepared.

Get the Apple Update Checklist:

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